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Milliken & Company

Milliken Chemical

Milliken serves various industries, including healthcare, transportation, building and infrastructure, hospitality, industrial manufacturing, architecture and design, and specialty chemicals.

Milliken & Company, Inc. manufactures and markets chemicals, floor coverings, fabrics, textiles, and composites.

The project includes the design-build of a receiving, drying, and shipping facility. The project dries the combined waste from the Sparton facility and 3-remote Miliken facilities. The drying process utilized Andritz belt Driers

 FEL-1 design and budget complete. waiting on clients review

Milliken FEL-1 Report_Page_165.jpg
Milliken FEL-1 Report_Page_309.jpg
Milliken FEL-1 Report_Page_244.jpg
Milliken FEL-1 Report_Page_316.jpg
Milliken FEL-1 Report_Page_338.jpg
Milliken FEL-1 Report_Page_333.jpg
Milliken FEL-1 Report_Page_337.jpg
Milliken FEL-1 Report_Page_335.jpg
Milliken FEL-1 Report_Page_243.jpg
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