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Bartholomew Robert Lynam (Bart)

Independent Free Thinker

Cherish the Family - Enjoy Life - Work Hard 

Raise Your Fellow Man

My Fellow Man

I Do not See Color

I see Cultures 

With Unique Conconcious Experiences
I discourage "Ultracrepidarianism" which refers to giving opinions and advice about things a person knows nothing about.
Opinions without knowledge are dangerous. 
I embrace "libre penseur" Free Thinking 
I Abstain - From Empty Bloviating and Hollow Opinions
I Advocate - Being Educated - Staying Educated and Well Informed
I Listen - Read - Study - Contemplate
I am an Independent = Left or Right - It All Counts 
I believe in Self Education = Be Learned in the
Arts, Sciences, Philosophy, Leadership, Ethics, Civics,  Sociology,  Social Science, Economics, Political Systems, and Governance

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